ELECTRIS in the time


F.H.U.TRANSKĘT s.c. will change its formal name

We kindly inform you that on February 3rd 2014 F.H.U. Transkęt s.c. will change its formal name into ELECTRIS s.c.

We strongly believe that the new name will better reflect our close connection with power industry and cover the new business activities.

We  kindly  inform  that  the  change  of  company’s  name  does  not  require  any  changes  in  all current contracts – all actual contracts will remain valid.
Starting  from  February 3rd,  2014  all  financial  documentation  and  new  contracts  will  have company’s  name  in  its  new  reading  –  ELECTRIS s.c. 
All  this  documentation should have the following data:

ul. Mickiewicza 6
32-650 Kety, Poland
VAT NO: PL549-20-52-010

We also inform that the change has no effect in company ownership structure, fiscal jurisdiction and all other identities like: address, VAT no, Statistical number, Registration number.
We hope that the new name will meet your acceptance, and the change will not cause any troubles on your side.

Should you have any queries or doubts please feel free to contact our responsible person tel.: 33 874 49 30 int. 32
Faithfully Yours,
Chief Executive Officer
Łukasz Hajdyła