Design & development


Researching your application and end-user needs, we provide consultative design engineering support alongside your engineering staff.

By working on prototypes, in conjunction with your design team, we'll produce more cost-effective, productive or time-saving solutions together and still ensure adherence to your specs and budget.

Tooling fabrication


We have a fully equipped in-house fixture and tool-making room. Our ability to internally engineer, build and maintain our own equipment demonstrates our commitment to providing the support and expertise that our customers expect.

New products and services


Any process that your company wishes to move off site for reasons of space, capacity, capability or cost is a candidate for ELECTRIS contract manufacturing services at highly competitive rates. In addition to contract manufacturing, we offer an extensive range of services such as parts inspection, rework, packaging, shipping and contract assembly.
Our company was built starting with a single contract manufacturing job for each client. Then, by providing superior quality, flexibility, and customer services, our clients gave us more work every year. Many times our contract manufacturing engineers recommend ways that ELECTRIS can improve our clients' profitability by streamlining their manufacturing operations.

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