Technology center


The center is designed for effective collaboration with customers and scientists. We’re able to create new problem-solving products and technologies, which create additional customer opportunities.

Collaboration offers greater integration and optimization for a wide range of applications.
Our engineers and technicians together with the external scientists research and test these new solutions applying a systems approach.

As power industry challenges become more complex, you can rely on us to have the answers for you.
Our expert staff has the right tools to take ideas from concept to production with accuracy The recent result of our common research is introduction and development of the innovative friction welding technology to be used in wide range of power industry applications.

ELECTRIS provides high quality friction stir welding and turn-key products that are manufactured to customer specifications. As one of the first full service friction stir welding shops in Poland, we can handle nearly any customer's demands.

Friction stir welding services



  • Enables joining of dissimilar materials normally not compatible for welding by other joining methods
  • Consistent and repetitive process
  • Greatly increases design flexibility – choose appropriate material for each area of a blank
  • Suitable for diverse quantities – from single prototypes to high-volume production
  • No fluxes, filler material, or gases required
  • Environmentally friendly process – no fumes, gases, or smoke generated
  • Reduces machining labor, thereby reducing perishable tooling costs while increasing capacity
  • Full surface weld gives superior strength in critical areas
  • Reduces raw material costs in bi-metal applications. Expensive materials are only used where necessary in the blank

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